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569 Broadway, El Centro, CA

American Legion Boyce Aten Post 25

“The Scuttlebutt”

2016 Vol. 1

“We are The American Legion, not a good ole’ boys bar! We must change to survive”

--Mr. Ed Grimsley--

    5th Area Commander 2016 5th Area Meeting, Brawley, CA


            Greetings fellow members, I'm  Commander Trevino and I want to take this opportunity to thank our  Officers and members for your support as it's been an honor to serve as your Post Commander for the past year.

            I'm retired (20-years) from the Navy. I began my career as an East Coast Sailor in Jacksonville, FL and Virginia Beach, VA where I later drove across the country to Lemoore CA and retired locally here at NAF El Centro. During my tenure, I served in both Gulf Wars and was stationed aboard three different aircraft carriers and two small ships – it was a great experience to serve! As with the majority of our current AL Officers, I’m employed locally here within our Imperial Valley.

            As Commander; with the leadership of our Officers, the Executive Board, the Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion, and kind donors, we are making improvements in various areas of our Post. These are across the board within our mission (Veterans & Rehabilitation – National Security – Americanism – Children & Youth – Community) and Post Operations. Thanks to additional volunteers, the remodeled kitchen is presently in the works and we are hopeful to get this completed during the summer of 2016 – this is a huge undertaking for an organization made up of volunteers! We have updated our By-laws (last time nearly 25-years ago) and our Post House Rules. We installed a camera system, purchased a new (very nice) freezer for the bar, and installed new emergency lighting and more. This is Teamwork but we are definitely not finished as we have a lot more ahead…nonetheless we cannot forget our mission! 

Come by and say hello as I and others would love to see you. Don’t forget to come to your applicable meetings and let’s all learn more about your entity within The American Legion.

Thank you,

Commander Trevino.

1st VICE COMMANDER – Membership and Children & Youth Chair - Larry Ram

We had quite the year with membership once again reaching 100% and of additional transfers into Post 25. Even though we lost a few members to Post Everlasting (may they Rest In Peace), Post 25 still reached our goal! Since the parade routes have changed, we have had to try various other options for our once per year membership drive where we can be open to the public. Thanks to all those who helped with the recruitment of new members and keep up the good work.

As for Baseball; although the local leagues policies do not provide the opportunity for Legionnaire baseball as many know it, our Post continues to Sponsor El Centro and Imperial Little Leagues. Many thanks to Ana Ruiz; our Finance Officer for all the hard work she has done to help.           


            The Sons of The American Legion had a good year. I did my best to represent Squadron 25 by attending yearly conventions along with District and Area Meetings. We also played an key role in helping Post 25 with activities and hundreds of man-hours volunteering in the kitchen for Friday Night Dinners. Squadron 25 will continue in its role to support Post 25 and Unit $20 per year. Thank you…


            I have been actively involved with the Legion and Auxiliary for more than 30 years and have seen the growth within our organization.  The 2015-2016 year has brought the Auxiliary to the forefront in that we as have provided much needed support to the American Legion and Veterans as a whole.  During the past year we have accomplished much more than previous years with the help of our dedicated women who support the Auxiliary!

            At the beginning of the current year we posted flyers asking for Members to help us with supplies to fill 30 backpacks for our military children living at NAF El Centro - who provided us with the ages and needs of the children.  With the help of our AL & SAL Members donations, we were able to supply these children with the basic needs to start their first day of school.  The smiles on their faces and appreciations were well worth the efforts.

            We are most proud of the fact that we also sent out 31-Care Packages to our Military personnel overseas.  Thanks to the aid the Imperial Valley Chargers Fan Club, the general public and members of the AL who donated goods and time - minimal cost to the Auxiliary!  With a workforce of approximately 40 people, we were able to make the packages in a matter of hours and sent them off for receipt prior to Christmas.

            We were also involved with Veterans Day in the park, aiding the VFW to provide food and drinks free to those in attendance. The Auxiliary has and continues to provide weekly aide to the AL during Friday Night Dinners by prepping, cooking and serving meals and supports the AL in hosting various events throughout the year. 

            We also fundraised during the NFL season by offering lunches to those in attendance, our bake sale during Friday Night Dinners and other means. Thanks to the fundraising we were able to assist a Veteran and his family with Christmas presents and a surprise visit from Santa Claus riding on the local fire engine. 

            Recently, we hosted the Girls State Tea where we provided lunch for more than 50 parents, students and members.  Previous years Girl State recipients and different units provided an overview of their week long activities and the many friends they made during their involvement.

            Poppy Month is approaching!!! We will set up tables in front of local vendors and request donations for Poppies. Since the early 1900’s, our military hospitals used making poppies as a form of therapy and additional income for wounded warriors after returning home from war. Each poppy is hand-made by wounded veterans and is the national flower for veterans. 

            If you would like more information regarding the Auxiliary and events you can call me, Karen Marquardt at 760-960-8885.


 I was recently introduced to a guest on a Friday night. Through small talk I found out he was a Vietnam Vet, divorced with a girlfriend, had kids & grandkids and did not belong to a Veterans organization because as he said, “Nah, I really like to drink at home.” I then, briefly told him how our mission is based on: Veterans & Rehabilitation - National Security - Children & Youth, Americanism and Community. Then, I asked him if VA or our government officials have ever knocked at his door to inform him of what benefits he or his legacy may have or are being considered reduced or completely removed? He said “heck no,” followed by a chuckle. I explained, “That’s the main reason why I joined; just like in the service, it’s not about me…it’s about the ones we leave behind. It’s also about our brothers and sisters that have and are still fighting in one way or another.” I said, “You see, I like you did not join for years and I too thought it was more of a good old boys bar. Years after joining; a life event happened and I actually read the monthly magazine for a change!” As I was getting his attention, I stated “It drove me to learn more (still learning) about the American Legion (AL) and I started paying attention to the media related to what the AL was voicing. I also began extensive traveling around our country and visited +100 Posts. I’ve met and spoke with a lot of members and buddies from the service and I began to see what battles we Veterans and our active duty are facing right here at home. This is why I believe in what we do, we only promote contacting our local politicians, we fight directly where the problem is – in Washington DC.” I then asked, if he was interested in joining. He said; “yes, just for the reasons you discussed as no one ever told me about what the Legion does like that!” He had proof on him of his service, I got an application and the rest is history!

Changing gears a bit…In 1971, veterans made up 72% of the members of the House and Senate. In 1981, that number dipped to 64%. In 2010, 7% of Americans and 20% of Congress served in the military. Today, 2% of our country and less than 18% of our Congress served in the military. Our leaders are constantly attempting or successfully cutting the active duty and veterans pay and benefits while increasing or not touching their own. As The American Legion and our Post are approaching the 98th Anniversary, we must change in order to continue our mission! If we do not change, our current and future veterans, family members and country are likely heading in the wrong direction. I’m pretty sure no one in our family would sit back and let it happen for their children, grandchildren or the past, current and future veterans without a serious battle. Just recently, I received upsetting information from a high school friend who lost her husband in his 5th tour in IRAQ - they are trying to reduce her and all spousal survivors pay & benefits as well.

Today there are thousands of Veterans across our country suffering from homelessness, unemployment, disabilities, literally dying to be seen at their nearby VA, hospitalized with no visitors, considering/attempting and committing suicide (22 EACH DAY!!!) and sadly much more. Just like the veteran I recruited, he was not looking for a bar...neither are these suffering veterans.

Public Relations is done by everyone! Let's please keep that in mind for the respect of our members and guest(s) that come into our home (Post). They should hear good honest discussions and fun versus cynical remarks...they can here those in any bar...we are not a bar, we are The American Legion!

There is a lot of work that needs to be done and OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS NEED OUR HELP…

I would love to hear from you as to why you joined? or


March 2015 (as snail mailed to ALL Post 25 Members)

“The Scuttlebutt”

As another year has passed by, we should all take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are. We also should continue to be thankful for all the good things we have in our lives, including our family, friends and the active duty service personnel which are still serving abroad – Defenders of Freedom! I am especially appreciative of those members at our Post whom stay actively engaged in our events and charitable causes. As the American Legion and our Chapter is celebrating its 96th year, let us all be encouraged by the growing number of new people who are joining our ranks as we approach 200 Legionnaires, +50 SAL and +80 Auxiliary Members. Remember - new members are the lifeline to The American Legion as they are our future volunteers and leaders – “For the Good of The American Legion!”

Still serving America, Commander Rascoe                                                    


     As I and other officers have yet to meet everyone, in this newsletter, you will get a chance to meet a few of us. A bit about me: My Father and Mother (God rest their souls) both served our country. I served in the Navy (Surface Sonar) and the Army Reserves (HR Specialist). Additionally, I have served mostly as a Training NCO for a Drill Sergeant Unit which prepared Reservist and National Guard members for close quarters combat and weapons qualifications as part of their initial activations. I work locally as an Operations Manager in the power industry. My lovely wife (Dawn) and I moved to El Centro almost 3-years ago and we enjoy serving our Veterans and community. During my 11-years as a Legionnaire; I’ve traveled a lot across our beautiful country and made it a habit to visit the local AL’s/VFW’s. In 2013, I was elected as Post 25 Commander and re-elected for another term. I’m very passionate about our Country, Veterans, The American Legion Four Pillars, family, our community and of course last but not least…our Post! I’m a team player and do my best to live by and instill values of Honesty, Ownership, Integrity and Leadership!

     During my Post visits across the country; I observed “The good, the bad and the ugly!” and Post 25 was no different. As with most guests and/or visiting members; myself and Dawn heard, saw, smelled, tasted and touched (human senses) during our visits. Although we were taken back by some of the open negativity; we returned thanks to our meeting some positive members seeking positive change. As we attended meetings, we transferred and began working with active membership to improve the post “human senses”. I would like to remind all of us (myself included) to please be more considerate of how our human senses impact future membership – the lifeline of any Post!

     Although my introductory term was quite challenging from the start; with the experience, tutelage and support of our Area CMDR, District CMDR/Post Adjutant and various members, WE were able to get through it. I truly believe if WE all put “For the Good of The American Legion” first, WE will continue to grow our membership and celebrate success after success.

    As 2014 was very eventful, we are on track for an even better 2015. Let me extend my appreciation to OUR entire POST for its commitment and dedication in serving our community, state and nation.

    For the Good of The Legion, WE have made some changes and accomplished a lot, but WE have more ahead. WE need your help – attend meetings, Friday Night Dinners and more. If you have not been to OUR POST lately, I challenge you to see it for yourself and come on in.

“Once you start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

For God and Country,

Mr. Tracy A. Rascoe


I was born September 1943 to J.B. and Mary Telford in Yuma, Arizona. I joined the Navy on July 31, 1962. I attended my basic training in San Diego, CA and Radarman “A” school in Treasure Island, CA. I have served on seven destroyers, a patrol boat and was an instructor at Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific. I was also an instructor and writer artist for Navy Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS). I have completed six tours in Vietnam and one tour on a river boat. I retired in March 1985 after serving approximately 22 years in the Navy.

   I’m married to Belen Reel and have three children: Helen, Floyd, and Harold. We also have five grandchildren and one great grandson.  I joined the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) in May 1989. I became Jr. Vice Commander and with hard work and dedication, I became Commander in 1991 (thru 1993). Due to my busy career path at John Deere Co., I resigned from the VFW in 1997, as I was unable to attend meetings on a regular basis. I retired from John Deere Co. in 2006 and joined the American Legion in 2008. I became Vice Commander in 2009 and began attending District meetings. I eventually became a District Adjutant, followed by 1st Vice Commander and Commander. I’m presently the Adjutant for the District again, Adjutant for our SAL Squadron and a VFW Post 9305 Member.

   My objective since joining the American Legion was to help Veterans. However, I soon found out the Post needed help in the areas concerning their financial matters. The main concern discovered was appropriate funds were not being used “For the Good of The American Legion”, which is against one of our main objectives.  As a result of different mind sets at the time, it was noted membership was decreasing due to the jaded attitude of some of the members. As I considered transferring Posts, I found out that the majority of the Posts in the Valley had similar issues. Therefore, my objective shifted to help change the attitude of members of all Valley Posts. I concluded that the best means of accomplishing this was at the District level. By working with the Commander of our Post and others, we have and will continue to make great strides in the right direction…”For the Good of The American Legion!”


    Hello fellow brothers and sisters. I was born and raised in Santa Ana, CA which included a large family of 14 siblings (7-sisters & 6-brothers…I’m a twin). My Mother and Father; God bless them, were great parents. In December 1977, I signed on with the Army, where I served as a Crew Chief.  Upon completing my 6-year obligation, I transferred to the Air Force (USAF) Reserve to pursue a civilian aviation career. While working in maintenance at Continental Airlines in LAX, I served 24 years with USAF - Good times! In 1994, Continental Airlines transferred their hub to another location in which I decided not to re-locate to. However, I was fortunately hired as a Peace Officer in the California Department of Corrections, where I presently work at Calipatria State Prison. I also retired from the military in 2007.  Of course most importantly, I owe a great deal of love and support to my “Slice of Heaven” Emilia!

    In 2003, I joined The American Legion in Brawley, as I valued being connected to the military. In 2010, I transferred my membership to Post 25. I recall Post 25 was much different then and was in need of many things. Later, it hit me as I noticed the same volunteers were working hard in the kitchen every Friday. So to learn more, I began attending meetings. As a result, I became more involved wherever I could in order to help improve our Post. When asked if I would consider being 1st. Vice Commander, I was quite hesitant. However, when I thought of all the great volunteers that pitch in day-in and day-out, I figured I can’t go wrong! I get it! OUR POST/The American Legion is like my beloved Air Force Unit back in the day. For better or worse; this is where I hang my hat, make new friends and socialize with my brothers and sisters. When I step through those doors, I feel like a family member and everything I do is for the good my family/POST! As I look back, I can see just how far our Post has come and I can’t help, but feel proud of it. I know it may not be perfect, but my feelings are shared by many here at Post 25…as one member put it “revenue is up, the post is clean and comfortable and our members are having one heck of a good time!”

     I realize some members are unable to make the meetings and may feel “out of the loop” and miss out on the progress and great times. Although nothing can replace our meetings, I do believe in best efforts to help keep all of us (our family) better informed.



     My name is Larry Ram and I'm a 30 year member of The Sons of the American Legion. I joined under my Father (Harry Ram) who was a Korean War Veteran in the US Air Force and Past Commander. I’m a duel member; as I also a member of The American Legion (almost 28 years) as I served in the US Air Force. Currently, I hold the position of Finance Officer in the SAL.  As the SAL Finance Officer, I ensure membership dues payments are deposited and that checks are written to pay any expenses/donations. In the past, I have volunteered for many different events and positions here at the Post (2nd Vice Commander, Sgt. at Arms, Kitchen and Bar Manager). I've also cooked for several years for the Friday night dinners and served as SAL Commander several times.


I am Karen Marquardt, President of the Auxiliary. I have been a member since 1982 and previously held several offices for Unit 25 and was District President in 1999-2000.

    We have been fundraising for various projects; in fact we recently provided a care package to a unit of 250 active duty service personnel over-seas for their Christmas Party. In addition, we have helped OUR Post with the building fund and had our floor replaced (along with wall tile) in the ladies restroom.  There is a lot more to do and we have much planned for 2015. Your continued input and support is appreciated!

    For many years, we have assisted OUR POST by helping prepare and serve Friday Night Dinners while making and selling Unit 25 dessert baked goods (which are so YUMMY). We are always grateful to have additional volunteers for this and other events. If you are able to help, please call me at 760-960-8885.

    Remember our meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 6PM and we would love to see you there! WE will NOT be dark this summer. Stay blessed…

Sincerely, Karen Marquardt


    Hello, I’m Dawn Rascoe, your Lounge Manager here at the Post. I’m an Auxiliary Officer and have been the Lounge Manager since 2012. As Lounge Manager, I’ve applied my years of bartending and office management experiences as they both have come in very handy.

     I would like thank the various volunteers that have helped improve our Lounge, Hall and other Post facilities. The visual cleanliness and functionalities of the Canteen and the Hall have and continue to improve. Speaking of the Hall, don’t forget about using our Hall for an event!

    The New Year’s Eve Celebration was even a better hit than last years. Thank you for providing a cab to get people home for free – it was used a lot and got everyone home safely! The additional TV and Sunday NFL Ticket were wonderful for the Lounge. The 2nd Annual Super Bowl Potluck was a great success including having a TV on the back patio and…the food was excellent! Of course, I would like to give special thanks to our bartenders as they are often the first person to communicate with our members, guest and potential members. They are also in-charge of the general safety and operations while on duty. Keep up the good work team!!!

    We have several activities in the Lounge and more to come. Don’t forget to come in on your birthday and receive a free beverage.

    In addition; I would like to thank our members for abiding by the Lounge & Post rules while not discussing meeting business in the Lounge. As a reminder, if you would like to discuss these things, please continue to do so in private areas, at a meeting (preferred) or bring it up in the suggestion box at the end of the bar in the Lounge. I’m also available if you ever would like to discuss Lounge operations or you can contact me at Thank you all for a great 2014 and cheers to continuing in 2015!


    We plan to start with this newsletter mailing and keep most people informed via electronic communications (email and/or Facebook!/AmericanLegionPost25ElCentroCa) don’t forget to “like” the page so you can be kept abreast of events and such. To do this, we would like to collect everyone’s (AL, SAL & Aux) email addresses. If you have email, please send it to us with your name to

    Although everyone does not use it, social media is a great way to communicate to members and external guests/supporters…everyday it’s becoming even more popular than email! As we have a lot of events (and things happen at the last minute), it’s much more convenient for us to communicate via Facebook to a large group related to real time updates and more.

    WE had some wonderful events at OUR Post last year and are off to a great start for 2015. Each and every event requires volunteers. Fortunately, there has been increased interest in volunteering. To address the increased interest, WE will are holding a Post 25 volunteer informational session on Tuesday, 14 April at 5:00pm. If you are unable to make this session yet have interest, please contact the Post Commander at

    We are also accepting donations for Sponsors to advertise on our website and more. If you are interested in advertising or know a service provider which may be interested, please contact us…every bit helps us reach our fundraising goal of $20,000 for 2015 – we are at +$5,000 now.

We have taken the liberty of including our Meetings schedule and Events calendar on the last page for your convenience. Please review and mark your calendars.



Day and Time

Sons of The American Legion

1st Monday of each month at 6:00 pm

The American Legion Executive Committee

2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm

The American Legion General Meeting

2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm 

The American Legion Auxiliary

2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm


Thanks to our Events Committee, the following events are scheduled:

Mar 3 – Post closed on Sundays

Mar 12-15 DEC

Mar 17 – St. Patty’s Day

Mar 18 – Membership Only Spaghetti Dinner

Mar 28 – Luau Party

Mar & Apr – Girls & Boys State presentations & selections

Apr 3 - Auxiliary Raffle (Baskets)

Apr 17 – Boy Scout Troop 4070 Appreciation & Awards

Apr 18 – Annual BBQ

May 2 – Salsa Contest

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo

May 10 – Mother’s Day Breakfast (08-11 AL & SAL cook & serve)

May 25 – Memorial Day. Auxiliary Breakfast. VFW 9305 Cemetery. Legion Raffle.

May 31 – District 30 Meeting (Bombay Beach)

Jun 6 – Commanders Appreciation Potluck

Jun 14 – Flag Retirement Ceremony

Jun 21 – Father’s Day Breakfast (08-11 Auxiliary cook & serve)

Jul 4 – Independence Day. 2nd Annual Redneck Pool Party (Dunk Tank & Potluck)

Jul 17 – Legion Birthday celebration (96 years)

Aug 21 – Senior Citizens Day (Senior Dinner Discount)

Sep10 – NFL 2015 Regular Season begins 

Sep 13 – Post re-opens on Sundays. Sunday NFL Ticket (week 1)

Sep 18 – POW/MIA Recognition Day

Oct 16 – National Boss Day

Oct 31 – Halloween Party

Nov 11 – Veterans Day. VFW 9305 & Post 25 Events

Nov 26 – Thanksgiving Day (Post closed)

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve (Post open)

Dec 25 – Christmas Day (Post closed)

Dec 26 – Post closed

Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve Celebration (Potluck) 

Jan 9 & 10 – NFL Wild Card games

Jan 16 & 17 – NFL Division Playoff games 

Jan 24 - NFL AFC & NFC Championship games 

Feb 7 – NFL 50th Super Bowl Party (Potluck)



Don’t forget about our Friday Night Dinners…every Friday night, except Christmas Day!

To: All Post 25 Members

SUBJECT: Annual BBQ Dinner Fundraiser - 18 April, 2015

In the past year, WE:

  • Sent 2-Boys to Boys State,
  • Are the official sponsor for local Boy Scout Troop #4070,
  • Donated over $1,000 to various El Centro & Imperial youth sports leagues
  • and more…

This year WE have an additional Boys State Packet. Therefore, WE will be sending three (3) local young men to attend Boys State in 2015 as WE continue OUR support of OUR Children and Youth pillar.

You received a packet of 3-tickets for OUR Annual BBQ for only $8 per plate! So make your check out today to “The American Legion Post 25” for $24.00 and include the ticket stubs in the self-addressed return envelope. Remember, ALL proceeds go towards Boys State and Youth Activities.

PS – WE welcome additional donations to this effort and any additional tickets are available upon request.

Kudos in advance to YOU, Mike McElvany and OUR casts of other volunteers that make this BBQ Dinner/Fundraiser happen. Let’s make this one OUR best yet!!!

Thank you…


Still serving America,

Mr. Tracy Rascoe - Post 25 Commander


July 2014

I’m honored to have served the Members last year (2013 July-2014 June) as The Boyce Aten Post 25 American Legion (AL) Commander. As I’ve been elected for another term, I’m looking very forward to an even better 2015 for our post.

This past year I learned a lot and in doing so, of course I made a few mistakes along the way but I must say, we were blessed to have both our Area & District Commanders as Members of our Post. They have and continue to be mentors and provide me guidance when asked…I sincerely thank you both as this has not been easy! As for the Members, we are a TEAM! This year has been extremely challenging for me and you and I cannot thank you enough for your support.

As my wife and I have been in the Imperial Valley for almost 2 years now, I also reflect on how the Post operated when we arrived. It did not take us long to see and hear that changes needed to happen for the good of the Post and the AL. In a short few months, we began to believe in the Members and transferred. Yes, we heard a lot of rumors, stories, scuttlebutt, etc., however, we could also see and hear the hope and passionate efforts that many have for this post…including those in Post Everlasting.

Nonetheless, this past year has been extremely challenging for me and my wife and your support shows by the various positive improvements that we (the members), have been able to make. These changes have greatly increased our ability to attract new and even less active members back to our post while unfortunately losing a few along the way that understandably have difficult time with the positives changes. Even though losing a few may be saddening, there are far many positives as a result of the changes.

Let me cover several of the changes: First and foremost, the facility is a lot cleaner and it looks and smells a lot better. There is less meeting talk and negativity in the lounge – THANK YOU! We have increased our communications internally and externally via flyers in the post and this official AL Website and our own Facebook page. We added a privacy fence and seating area in the rear of the post (back patio), added two jukeboxes; one for the lounge and the other for our back patio and replaced a 5-ton air conditioner in the hall. We also completed and added some well needed appliance upgrades to our kitchen and bar along with various working parties to address the walk-in and much, much more...  

Even with all the additions and upgrades let us not forget about the work within the areas of Veterans Affairs, National Security, Americanism, Children & Youth and our Community. These are the most important aspects of the AL and with your support we will continue to do more in these areas this year!

Thank you and Still Serving America…

Post 25 Commander Mr. Tracy A. Rascoe

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